Who I am

Hello! My name is Breianna but you can call me Bre. I am a 19 year old gal currently living in Chicago studying multimedia journalism and acting. A little crazy right? Trust me, I know. Anyways, my home is in Kentucky which is where my family is and where I grew up.

My dream would be to either be a actress, preferably on TV/Film or a journalist for a entertainment/fashion magazine.

I love TV shows, movies, fashion, New York City, food, traveling, lifestyle, and most importantly, dogs.

I would love to travel more one day. The summer after my senior year of high school me and one of my best friends backpacked through Europe and that was honestly one of the best experiences of my life.

This blog is honestly just for fun and to help me with writing but I hope you guys enjoy it if you do happen to stumble upon it.