Home For Christmas

Home For Christmas

I really can’t believe that Christmas is already here. Can you? The first semester of my sophomore year of college has flew by and I don’t know why I am so surprised because freshmen year also was gone before my eyes. It kind of scares me that time goes by so quickly. I swear just a second ago I was twelve! That’s awkward. Okay, okay enough about time and how I have none of it left.

I am very happy to be home for the holidays and to be hanging out with my mom because she is my best friend. Also my dog, Milly. She is very clingy and cuddly but I love her, plus the cuddles.

If I’m being completely honest, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas here in Kentucky because of how weirdly warm it is. I love global warming! She says sarcastically.

Besides that, I think it will be nice this year even though I don’t believe that it’s just around the corner. I could finally afford to buy my whole family Christmas gifts so that’s pretty exciting.

I am also excited for my Chirstmas Eve tradition, with my family, of eating Chinese food and watching all the Glee Christmas episodes (mostly just me and my mom on that one) and A Christmas Story.

You know what I’m not excited for? Christmas being over. Oh no… let’s try not to think about that right now. Let’s think about all the lovely things about the holiday season like, Christmas movies, music, decorations, cookies, fuzzy socks, cozy pajamas, ugly sweaters, yummy food, and spending time with family and friends.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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